I'm so sorry that I haven't posted this month. Unfortunately my computer died and it is truly too old for repairs. I am not a fan of writing posts on my phone so until my technical circumstances change my blog is on hold. I hope to be able to share again soon.


I started this year cautiously hopeful and a bit excited about this journey. That lasted approximately 3 weeks. The last week of January and most of the month of February I had constant L's or losses for those who weren't using slang in the early 00's. That's not the part that scares me. I thought... Continue Reading →

An Unknown You

I wrote a poem for you today. You know, the kind that talks about love and loss. Just the thought of you sparks my imagination And words come through. I never thought I was the sort for love letters Longing penned and sent with a kiss But speaking doesn’t permit, Doesn’t express, As my pen... Continue Reading →

There’s Something….

There’s something about this world There’s something about this country There’s something about this generation . . . There’s something about me that won’t let me wait gracefully.

New Resolutions

The end of 2017 was all about getting out of my comfort zone. I quit a perfectly good career and jumped into the deep end of doing things a littler differently. I am having all of the adjustment and growing pains that come with trying and failing to find my place. In order to stop... Continue Reading →

The Last Day of 2017

Like many I can say that 2017 was tough. I found myself overwhelmed mentally, physically, emotionally, and all the other -llys. It was the kind of year that made you run to old bad habits just to survive. It isn't right but yet we are here. I am still learning how I want to live... Continue Reading →

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