i just want to start by saying that i am very much aware that everyone and their grandmother has a blog. it is no longer unique or the struggling writers’ means of getting those brilliant thoughts out to the masses….it’s part of popular culture and just another way to be connected. i am willingly stepping right into the cliche but i really did have to get my thoughts out–they bother the heck out of me so i might as well entertain someone else with my randomness.

dates and times embrace and coalesce in the recesses of my mind so songs straddle memories and they ride behind my eyelids
every face is familiar to my gaze and the smallest of instances are imprinted in my brain as fact and are as true as the breath i breathe
my faith is locked in as shades of color over black and white, more vibrant than what i chose to believe was me
this is me

so this will be about more than documenting my daily events or even attempting to maintain character analysis and plot but more of a test of my creative capacity with short stories, poems, and even allowing the wandering path of my thoughts to be recorded for the viewing pleasure of others.


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