Do You Believe in Magic?

Music and Food are magic ingredients to life. I know it sounds silly but think about it. You can be at a long board meeting where you feel like the walls are closing in but if they have food it lightens the atmosphere. You could be on a blind date, nervous and excited at the same time. Neither one of you knows what to say but after a coffee and cookie all of a sudden you are like old friends talking about the most random of subjects. Food makes a difference in almost any instance. How many times have you gone somewhere and the mood was ruined because they had run out of food?? I think that’s why even when times are tough in the economy people still make an effort to go out and eat. Something about heading out with friends and family to bond over a meal is necessary to our existence. Music is a mood changer as well. Ever been in an elevator and the music changes to something from your childhood? Everyone has to control themselves from bopping around and singing along! Music can make you feel any emotion in the spectrum and paired with the right visual it tugs at your memories. There are many times a song has brought me back to high school or thinking about a guy I liked when that song came out. Everything has a memory or mood attached to it. Food and music are a way to access those thoughts.
As with every magic, use it wisely.

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