Patience is a virtue, whatever that means
All I know is that I hate waiting
Being in line, staying on hold—I just don’t have it in me
What am I supposed to be thinking?
Do I practice what I’m going to say?
I want moral excellence
Or excellence in any way really
But does that mean I have to listen to this hold music
Smile and nod as the world passes me by
“I would just like to talk to a person PLEASE!!!” I want to scream
But the automated voice wouldn’t care
Or change
Or go faster
I know that love is patient and everyone wants that
But how is love patient?
Will it wait for me when I’m stuck in situations that keep me from it?
When ‘lust’ and ‘like’, the evil twins, come and engage me in battle,
Will love cheer on from the sidelines?
The damsel to my warring knight, the head cheerleader to my quarterback
But what does this have to do with waiting in line?!?!
I’m still stuck here with strangers ahead and behind
Even the voice in my head is annoying
Everything within me wants to yell “What is taking so long?!?!?”
But what would that do?
I would be escorted out, told never to come back
Nothing would get done
Why is it that my first reaction is not my best?
So for excellence in love I will be patient
At least I’ll try

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