Funny Valentine

Reasons I don’t like to broadcast that I’m single
1.      Just because I’m single does not mean that I am looking.
2.      It also doesn’t mean that I’m interested in you/your friend/that guy in the line at Starbucks/etc.
3.      No one died and I don’t have a terminal disease, I’m just single so don’t feel sorry for me!
4.      “Sometimes I wish I was still single” is an infuriating statement. Let’s not act as if being single doesn’t suck just to make me feel better.
5.      Asking me more than once as if the answer is going to change is NOT HELPING
6.      How do you look like you’re in a relationship when you are, in fact, not in a relationship?—someone please explain it to me!!
7.      Let’s not try and figure out why I’m still single by examining my every fault, my self esteem has had enough of a beating
8.      My relationship status doesn’t have to be the topic of EVERY conversation, does it?
9.      Holidays like Valentine’s Day are great for couples but not for singles so please don’t think I’m bitter because I’m not celebrating. If you aren’t into trees and don’t celebrate Arbor Day I don’t claim you’re a nature hater because of it.
10.  I’m saving up all of my broadcast/bragging point for when I am in a relationship-I promise you will get tired of hearing about my boyfriend before I will!! LOL

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