There’s something about being in the right place at the right time. I am not always known for that–maybe it’s because I am so unsure when speaking to new people that I avoid all unnecessary places and times that involve interaction. It could also be because my current schedule is so crowded that if I am someplace it is because I have about a billion things to do there so get out of the way!

But lately I have been cutting away a lot of the excess and slowing down. I am reconnecting to God and hearing that still, small voice that reminds me not to avoid conversation by playing on my phone or checking my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram app again for the 10th time. This account is of the last couple of times I tried to follow that voice.
#1: I was at home relaxing and just enjoying the weekend. My roommate’s boyfriend was at the house and we were all watching TV. All of a sudden he asked me about fasting. A little history, he is more agnostic than Christian and rarely talks to me about subjects that can be related back to Christ. So hearing this question I jumped on the opportunity to speak to him about fasting and the benefits it has in your spiritual walk. This branched off into a discussion about celibacy (from previous posts you know I was ready for that one) and relationships that went on for a couple of hours. Talk about right time and place! God had already let me know that I was to be a light in their lives but this was a moment when they were really open to hear the Good News. I prayed afterwards that something would take root and I would have more opportunities like that. 
Let me tell you that I woke up the next morning feeling like a CHAMPION! All I could think about was documenting this moment! I was on top of the world and ready to tackle the next challenge. Little did I know what was coming.
#2: The very next day I was on the way home in mind-numbing traffic feeling frustrated and upset with the hit it was taking on my schedule for the day. I get a phone call from a friend who, in crisis, called for prayer and to talk it out. I knew this was “still, small voice” time and tried to push all my stuff out of my head and pay attention…didn’t work! I was all over the place between our conversation and running errands and dodging crazy drivers. I’m fairly certain I didn’t give any great advice and our prayer was rushed.
Getting off of the phone I was disappointed in myself. I wanted the same high from the first conversation where I knew that I had made a difference. God gently reminded me that neither of these interactions were about me. I don’t have the ability to save someone and any deep thoughts or words I could offer would have been from Him anyway. He speaks even when I can’t! There is so much relief in that! I know that just being willing to start those conversations and be the light is a step in the right direction. I can’t wait for my next still, small voice conversation.

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