Finish Line

I have been reading over some of my posts and realized that I have probably done a great job in confusing anyone who reads it…..and I’m kinda okay with that. I tried to warn you that I’m a little weird and jump around from topic to topic but I have to get these thoughts out!

I want to talk about completion.

I love crossing something off of my to-do list. I am addicted to the feeling of accomplishment that comes with getting something done and I know I’m not alone in that. A couple of months ago I added something brand new and a little scary to my list: raise $1400 for a mission trip to Nicaragua. It was completely out of my comfort zone to want to go to a foreign country for anything more than a vacation. Add on top of that asking for money and promoting myself (both things that I really hate doing) and this was a God-designed set up to help me grow up.

In the first couple of weeks I did not receive 1 donation. I was panicking and wondering how I was going to pay for this trip by myself! I know God wanted me to go but this fundraising thing was HARD and I had to swallow my pride every time I sent a letter or posted about my need for help. No one likes to swallow pride-it is not tasty and has the tendency to try and come back up.

Then I got my first donation….then another…..and another. I reached the half way point in record time. I babysat and did hair and posted about my trip every chance I could get. And the donations were coming in.

Today I am $40 away from my goal. I know that God is touching someone’s heart to give so that fundraising will be complete and I can cross the finish line. I can feel the sense of accomplishment coming but it is not for me. I am so thankful for the people who have gotten me to this point! WE have accomplished a major goal that has very little to do with money. I am learning what it means to walk out in faith with no back up plan or safety net–and it works!

So before the last donation happens I am letting it be known that I am crossing this finish line arm in arm with everyone who has come alongside me in prayer and giving. Let’s finish strong.

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