Mid-morning Thoughts

I love flying (but hate heights-I know weird). The best thing about flying is the take off. Everyone is strapped in and even the most seasoned flyer gets small butter flies in their stomach as we speed down the runway. Then we are off and headed into the sky. The plane ascends through all the clouds and pretty soon we hit cruising height.
Reaching that place above the clouds always amazes me. On land it might be raining or dreary or right before sunrise but when you get above it all and in the clouds the sun is always there. It reminds me of my walk with Christ. A lot of the time it feels like the storms of life are winning because they are constantly in your face. They seem to change your surroundings in such a complete way that everywhere you look you see a problem that just won’t go away. It is all darkness and clouds, thunder and lightning, and no escape. But just like when you are in a plane, above it all, the Son is always there! Storms do not have the capacity to last forever and neither does the darkness of night.  God never changes, never stops shining His light, and can never lose.

We can’t stop the storms but we can focus on Who is above it all.

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