One Giant Leap….

Today has been one of those days where I had to restrain myself from saying words that cannot be unspoken. I wanted to feel the anger of confrontation and the cold hand of resentment settle on my heart. How dare you require all of me when I only get pieces of you?
And this was about my job. I realized today that work can be the most dysfunctional relationship you have ever been in. Especially if you are in a job that does nothing for you! We live in a society where it is looked down upon to hop from job to job looking for what works for you but in reality that may be what you need to do. Some people know their passion in college and pursue it from freshman year to the CEO desk but there are others of us who are still looking. I’m not ashamed to say that I am one of them. I thought I knew in high school and it changed in college and hasn’t settled since then. I’m almost 30 but my career aspirations are as vague as any 18 year old. But that’s okay!

Except on days like these when you are ready to break up with this job and say on to the next one. I am weary of the hunt and ready to settle down so I now look before I leap….and look….and look…and look. My search is for quality and substance, room for growth and the hint of a challenge. So before I write my final letter and bid adieu to this place I am making sure that my next leap lands on something worth risking it all for.

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