The Single Woman’s Blogging Challenge: Day 1

I am an avid reader of The Single Woman Blog and she just re-posted and challenged her fellow bloggers to this 30 day challenge and I thought this would be a great push in the better blogger direction for me. I’m looking forward to sharing some areas of myself that I haven’t done before and have fun as well… we go!

How do you respond to “And why are you still single?”

Truthfully I don’t usually respond to this question. I laugh it off or make some semi-sarcastic response to avoid answering all together. In the past when I was bugged into answering I had an answer: I am single because I have a lot of work to do on myself. I felt like I was in relationship rehab for a couple of years. I had nothing but bad habits and low expectations left from years of trying to find love. I just plain was not ready to be anyone’s girlfriend let alone wife at that time. I had to get through the fear of being alone, of feeling unattractive, of not knowing my self-worth, of letting my emotions keep me in a bad situation much longer than I needed to be, and of believing that I wasn’t the type of girl who deserved a happiness. 

I had an up close and personal encounter with God as my Father and He let me know how mistaken I was. He had to build me from the ground up with new attitudes and new vision of myself and what I wanted. And it was QUITE the process!! I now think that I’m pretty awesome just the way that I am. I have accepted the things that I can’t change and the quirks that make me an individual and beloved to the One who made me. I stopped judging myself against a standard I made for myself at 16 to be married with kids, or the expectations of others who think it’s too late for me to settle down. I’m 29 people; settle down!

So back to the question at hand: why are you still single?

I’m single because I am willing to take my time. I don’t anticipate being single forever so why rush. There are adventures to be had, songs to be sung, sunsets to enjoy, and wonders to be wrecked by. There are people to meet and a world to change. At the end of the day I’m ready for my Someone but will keep having amazing experiences on the way to him.

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  1. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be following along on this Single Woman’s 30-Day Challenge journey! Thanks for sharing – looking forward to reading more!


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