The Single Woman 30-Day Blogging Challenge: Day 2

Describe a moment or day when being single sucked.

I don’t want to have to make this pretty. I won’t sandwich my response with the normal it’s awesome being single until it isn’t quotes or any of that. I think I’ve already established that I am happy and content but more than ready for my next season.

But there are times when being single is tough. For me it is when I am trying to define home. Ever since moving to Atlanta I have moved to a new place every year. My address has not been the same since leaving college! I can look back now and see me searching for someplace that felt like home. I grew up in the same house for most of my life-I will go to my grave being able to recite that address and phone number. But when I moved away for school my Mom also moved to a new house with my siblings….then she moved again….and now she doesn’t even live in the same state. My childhood home is gone. There isn’t even the option of looking back anymore.

I know I have a heavenly home and I very much look forward to that but while I am here I am restless. I know home doesn’t come in brick and mortar or that acceptance doesn’t come from your zip code. I think the peace from knowing you are home comes from connection though. That is where the singleness sucks. I have many friends but they have to go home at night and a roommate can’t fulfill the covenant that comes from marriage. I can go through a whole day and not think about my relationship status until I am alone.

So yeah… sucks when you feel homeless.

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