Single and Awesome: The Single Woman’s Blogging Challenge Day 3

3. Describe a day or moment when being single was awesome.

After getting in my feelings these past couple of days and feeling super single I feel the need to make a list of the awesome things that come with singleness. Here are my top ten singleness appreciation moments.

  1. I love sleeping in the middle of the bed.
  2. I am willing to live off of peanut butter and popcorn for a killer pair of shoes. I don’t know if my husband would agree.
  3. I love babies….I love being able to give the babies back to their moms even more.
  4. Does being married mean I have to keep my legs shaved because I’m currently not about that life.
  5. What if my husband isn’t a fan of my revolving door of hairstyles? I’m not ready to commit to one hair color yet!
  6. Going on impromptu road trips with your friends just to check a place off your bucket list.
  7. There is currently no room in my bathroom for a mate.
  8. I get to root for my team every Sunday without compromises. It’s hard to find a fellow San Francisco 49ers fan in Falcons country.
  9. I do know how to cook, I even like to cook, but the frequency of me cooking is not best….
  10. My focus isn’t divided right now. I am single minded about my purpose and mission in life right now. I can spend all the quality time with God that I want, with my mentor that I want, with my ministry partners and fellow leaders that I want without feeling guilty.
Whoop there is it! I hope these made you smile and appreciated the small things that add up to a great life as we await our partners in life.

3 thoughts on “Single and Awesome: The Single Woman’s Blogging Challenge Day 3

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      1. I hear you, girl – I’m always going back to old posts of mine too and trying to encourage myself along the way!


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