Misconceptions: The Single Woman’s Blogging Challenge Day 5

The Biggest Misconception you think people have about single life.

I have pretty much seen and heard it all when it comes to being a single woman in a world baffled by a content single person. I have been questioned thoroughly about my dating history, my style choices have been dissected,  I have been told to be bolder and more submissive at the same time, to put myself out there but be subtle at the same time, and so much more bad advice that I just stopped bringing up my relationship status.

I think what boggles the mind of most of the people I know is that single woman are not in a constant state of terror about being single. Yes it is a topic of conversation and we do wonder, hope, and pray but most of us realize that our relationship status does not define us. I roll with a group of women who are dedicated to living a life that mirrors Christ and that doesn’t leave a lot of room to worry about date night. We most often talk about the positive changes in our lives and how to be effective witnesses of the changes and the Changer to others.

I’m not saying being married isn’t a desire of our hearts but it is not the ONLY desire. I see myself as more than a future wife and mother because I am currently doing so much more. I lead at my church, I am learning Spanish and brushing up on my French, I watch foreign films or animated movies or action flicks with the same amount of enjoyment, I get to spend hours talking to God about everything from creation to revelation, I have late night talks with my girls and not quite as late talks with my guys. I want my husband to be a happy addition to my life–not my life.

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