You Can Quote Me: The Single Woman Blogging Challenge Day 6

Sound off on the quote “Every woman has the exact love life she wants”.

I’m calling shenanigans! I do not have the love life that I want AT ALL! I’m a romantic underneath the sarcasm and a little old fashioned so I want handwritten love letters and quiet moments of reading together. I want to hold hands as we talk and plan adventures to far away places.

But I might just have the love life that I need. Semantics some would say but words mean things and the want/need difference is very important. Want is to wish or hope for, to feel a desire while need is a requirement or necessity. Yes I want all the romance and blurry edged pictures of love but in actuality right now I need the life I lead. I am working towards something and that is fulfilling. I am learning about myself in this time alone and finding out what it means to lean on God. I am accepting my imperfections and filing down the rough edges I carved while living a reckless existence. I am a work in progress and the good work being done in me takes time. Here’s to waiting for the love life I want while I get the tender, loving care that I need.

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