Funny Girl: The Single Woman Blogging Challenge Day 9

My favorite weird/funny behavior or quirk is the randomness of my brain. That’s why the blog is called sassy wandering thoughts… is pretty self explanatory if you know me. I giggle out loud from the thoughts in my head. Out loud where people around can hear me and ask what’s funny to which I have no response. In conversation no jump of topic is off limits. One word can remind of a song/movie line/ something I read in the 3rd grade/ an actor/ or some other tidbit of information I have stored in the library of my mind.

With strangers I have to restrain myself from going there; the mail man does not want to go down the rabbit hole of my mind with me! But with my friends all bets are off. You have committed to love me so here is all my crazy. Yes, your name rhymes with this random song lyric that I remembered today. Of course, we can recite Disney movies to each other over text message. And I will always need more cowbell!

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