A Piece of the Exotic: The Single Woman’s Blogging Challenge Day 10

My name is Seretha.

I didn’t always like my name mostly because no one had any idea what it meant. No one could pronounce it correctly and in a world full of Ashleys and Sarahs it is very hard to have a unique name.

But late in high school someone finally enlightened me. 
Seretha means calm and peaceful, nether of which are words which I would use to describe myself. Of course they then launch into a bunch of attributes a woman by the name of Seretha should have, half of which either seem eerily familiar or so out of left field they could be talking about anyone but me.
So I think I will give you a better definition of Seretha since calm and peaceful seems a little bland for me. 
Seretha is laughably complicated in her thinking but very rarely allows that side of herself to be seen by others. She is reliable and often puts the needs of others before herself. She avoids the spotlight as much as possible because she believes that the more valuable work is done behind the scenes. Seretha is surprisingly sensitive and a secret romantic who swoons at a witty turn of phrase. She is both creative and administrative, cynic and dreamer, traditional and free-spirited, practical and spontaneous, A and Z plus everything in between.
Maybe one day I can add calm and peaceful to the list but for right now I love all that Seretha means.

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