Like My Daddy: The Single Woman’s Blogging Challenge Day 11

My Worst/Funniest/Most Embarrassing Date

Oh the stories I could tell. Maybe the time I was going to introduce my boyfriend to my parents and he stood us up….due to getting arrested. Or the time my date swiped my credit card and went on some type of shopping spree with another woman (yay for credit card fraud). Maybe the time another guy got so rip roaring drunk that I was stranded for hours with him until he could sober up and take me home all the while fending off his sloppy attempts to make out. Let’s not forget the guy who wanted to pick me up on his moped.

But the worst was the aspiring screenwriter. I was brand new to Atlanta and working at the mall until I could get on my feet. He was shopping around the men’s section and we sparked up a good conversation. He was interesting and interested so we exchanged numbers and planned to hang out for dinner and a movie. He picked me up and we ate at a well known Atlanta restaurant. I knew within 5 minutes of conversation that this date would be our last. I left out a small detail; this guy was in his 40s and apparently heading into a mid-life crisis.
The whole of the conversation were references to things I was way to young to catch (I was 22 at the time) or him complaining about his job as a lawyer. He was realizing that it wasn’t his passion and was looking around for something more fulfilling. He had taken a leave of absence at work to find himself and the latest attempt was screenwriting. He wanted to be the next Tyler Perry. I am all for supporting a dream but his passion was the fame not the art of writing. The conversation then moved to relationships. He then went on a rant that lasted the full entree and dessert about how women his age are only looking for one thing, how the marriages around him at work were unhappy and headed for divorce and that he wasn’t looking to get married any time soon. Who says these things on a date I don’t know but in my inexperience I just smiled and nodded. Somewhere near the end of dinner I realized who he reminded me of… father. Not in the fatherly way but in that he and my father could legitimately be friends. There were in the same age bracket, made the same jokes, and complain about the same things.
On to the movie portion of this increasingly uncomfortable date. Nothing light and fun for the screenwriter; we watched No Country for Old Men (apt title now that I think about it). The movie was great but not a date movie at all! All I could wonder at this point is what this grown man could want with a girl like me. In the car it all came together. He was looking for someone who wouldn’t challenge him, would look pretty on his arm, and didn’t have much of an opinion. Anyone who knows me, or has been reading this blog, knows that he obviously picked wrong this time. He dropped me off at home and I blocked his number immediately. I already have a father and my daddy issues are not deep enough for me to entertain the foolishness much longer.
I could probably write a dissertation on bad dates and picking the wrong men but I am so thankful that part of my life is over. Waiting is so much better than bad dates! I know that good dates and even my last first date is in my future. I have given my heart to God and trust Him to give it to the man who will be my husband. 

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