Hey Girl Hey: The Single Woman Blogging Challenge Day 13

I am declaring that G-chat counts if only because I really want to talk about my Spongebob Terasha. Let me at least attempt to abide by the rules and give you some back story. We weren’t instant friends but I have no idea why. It may have been because I wasn’t letting any new people in my circle or even paying attention but it took a couple of months and meeting for the first time twice for things to get rolling. It is one of those friendships that just make sense. She’s my comfort zone and pushes me to greatness at the same time. She matches some of my weird places and makes me laugh harder than one should at work.

She inspires me in ways she may never understand. She stands so confidently on the promises of God, she actually uses her hobbies and gifts for the glory of God, she refuses to stop living a fabulous life, and shines so freaking brightly in a world that can be so dark. We serve together, walk alongside each other, and encourage each other when the silver lining is harder to see. She’s my own personal cheerleader (literally!) and I am just so thankful for her heart.

***Flawless! We woke up (and worked really hard to look) like dis!

I could not have asked for a better friend in the season of life. Who would have thought her little bit of country and my little bit of rock ‘n roll would be so awesome?! I really can’t say enough about how much I value her but I can’t wait to see what’s next in this twosome. We’ve already conquered volcanoes together, the only place to go is up!

Lightning in a bottle!

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