A Different Kind of Monday…

I can’t help but reflect on my weekend (which demands its own post-coming soon) and the times God has pulled me away from my ‘real life’ for a stretch of time that belongs totally to Him. He continues to woo and rock me in ways I would never have expected. I couldn’t sleep due to wanting to savor and hold onto every last moment of peace before the work day. I was sure that after such a restful time I wouldn’t be able to handle a work day but God’s Grace is not confined to the weekend. He soothed my sore muscles and calmed my thoughts so that all I could do was rest. Even in my workday it feels like He and I are in a bubble where I can hear only Him. I am floating like those first days of love; everything new and full of promise again. Faith and hope alive inside me as a new day unfolds. It reminds me of a dance. 
So much emotion can be conveyed without a word being spoken and this weekend I danced with joy before my Lord. He is the ultimate partner and I felt Him gently twirl and lead me through the dance. I was lifted to the highest highs where roofs vibrate and shake with praise and back to my knees as we entered the inner room. We danced in secret places on paths of prayer. He dipped me into peace and I rose again in tears. He showed me once again how precious I am to Him and that there is no way to earn or repay His gifts to me. I cried in His presence; that He in His perfectness would even touch me let alone dance and show me His heart. I didn’t come to the dance floor with any expectation but He still knocked me off my feet.
So here’s to a different kind of Monday. 

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