Bliss: The Single Woman Blogging Challenge Day 14

I took a little time away to give full focus to a project that needed all of my time and attention. Last week I would not have thought all of the meetings, planning, late nights, prayers, and moments of stress would add up to one of my most blissful moments.

A group of almost 50 young adult ministry leaders came together on a weekend we could have been doing anything else to bond and grow as a church family and deepen our relationships with God. The moment we came onto the property I was filled with so much peace. I went from worried about the details to leaving the plans and schedules and ideas at the feet of Christ. It was His time and His retreat we were participating in anyways. It reminded me so much of the feeling I got in Nicaragua. God taking me away from my day to day to remind me of why I do what I do. And He was there in every step. Time moved at a pace that didn’t require constant watch/phone checks. Somehow the schedule was followed even with slight delays and changes. Everyone went low and served their friend. We moved from fellow leaders to family. We covered each other in prayer and came together with the same vision.

On a Saturday that would have been filled with errands or trying to catch up on social life, I woke up (super) early for a prayer walk. It was almost as if my sleep were blessed because before coffee (or the sun) could wake me up I was already praying. We were put into groups with leaders we didn’t know as well and my group were praying champions. Ready to be transparent and embrace the process God was putting us through, we rallied from prayer to worship that literally shook the roof. I have never been part of a worship experience like this. Every song and note felt intentional and intimate. It was nothing but voices and one on one praise to a Savior that showered us with love. We were rocked and humbled every time we entered His presence. Every message felt on time and personalized. No one was worried about looking cute or saying the right thing, we were all focused on not missing the moment presented to us. We didn’t want to miss our true reason for being there.

Not that it was all intense prayer and tears. We had so much fun as well. There were spontaneous sing-a-longs and song battles, dance offs and team competition. I laughed so much this weekend that I’m sore (pretty sure that I pulled a laughing muscle) and so many inside jokes and one liners were made and shared. We grew together. We figured out what it looks like to really love each other in the best ways possible.

I thought that since I was part of the planning committee and knew all the details of the retreat some of the more magical moments wouldn’t have as much of an impact but I was very wrong. I cried and laughed just as fully as those who didn’t know the next step. I learned more about myself in the process than I could have ever imagined! I am so blessed to have worked with the team that I did because it could not have been done without them. Looking back, I can see God’s hand in every aspect from conception to completion and I’m so honored to have been part of that.

I took a moment there to stop and realize that this is what a vision or dream fulfilled looks like. I started this journey completely unwillingly. I didn’t want to plan because I knew that it wasn’t going to be an easy task. I didn’t see the reason behind the assignment outside of extra work on top of my already busy schedule. And I was right! It was hard work, there are more than a few times that I wanted to quit, and not everyone I expected to be there made it to the end with me but if you can find one or two that believe with you visions can come true. I am beyond thankful that I didn’t give up or try and push away this blessing. I got to see something beautiful.

So here’s the thank you’s in the liner notes of this album:
First, thank you God for using me! You could have given this gift to anyone else but you chose me and used my talents to make this good thing.
To the visionary and chairman Eric– CHINGU WE DID IT!! This was a crazy, stressful but incredibly fun ride and I’m happy that we made it through with our friendship intact. I wouldn’t want to have planned this with anyone else. If we can make it through this we might even make it through the rest of football season!
To the the retreat team who handled everything from food to games and the epic skits, you guys rock! Everything went so well because you guys really took your parts seriously. Thank you for making the retreat memorable.
To the worship team only one word: WRECKED! Okay more words- hands down the best worship experiences I have every been part of.
To those who brought the messages from Pastor Tony to Pastor David to the small group leaders- thank you for sharing your hearts with us. God was in every message and they all lined up with His theme: 
Resting in God’s Grace and living for His Glory.
P.S. I ended up being part of the winning team! #RedTeam and my new favorite pick up line (You can have the sun, you can have moon, you can have the stars-everything the light touches is ours)

Much love to the whole team! From left to right:
Krissy, Yeira, Garth, Kelly, Jonathan, Ellen, and me

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