Legacy: The Single Woman’s Blogging Challenge Day 16

My time capsule would not have a lot in it right now. I have downsized my life to not include a lot of things to make room for the all the people and memories made with them. But of what I have I would have to send along some of my favorite things.
1. Pictures of my family: we haven’t all been in the same place since I graduated college and moved away. We now live in different states and have to see each other for special events and planned trips instead of just walking down the hall.
2. My journals: who knows the person I will be in 20 years but I want future generations to have a chance to see the building process. I have my good and bad days, the days where I am so sure in what I am doing and those days where I just want to crawl under the covers and let life pass me by. All of those things are important and lately I have been really good at getting those experiences out on paper.
3. SOME of my music: I am one of those people who *gasp* still buys physical cds. I love holding music and liner notes in my hands. I know for sure this won’t last too much farther into the future so I would have some of my favorite music saved.
Love you future people of the world!

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