Letters to a Younger Me: The Single Woman Blogging Challenge Day 18

Dear Younger Me,

The number 1 thing I wish for you is that you didn’t get so used to hiding. Why are you so afraid to be different? The things you hide now are the things you will glory in later because someday you finally realize that being yourself is so much easier than hiding away all the best parts. Everyone wants to fit in but you weren’t made for the box. I know you see other girls around you who seem to have it all together. Girls who are cute and smart, active and funny, who make friends easily and look like everything is fine. And in truth it might be but something beautiful is coming out of you too. Because you take the path less traveled a unique strength of joy is being grown inside you. This is something that can’t be replicated or taken away. When I think of the battles you face ahead and how important that weapon is, I can’t help be thankful for

even the things that mark you because you will need those reminders of battles won for the future.

 My number 2 wish is fearlessness for you. There is so much fear inside of you! Fear of loosing people, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, fear of being hurt, fear of being too happy, fear of not being enough….I know being afraid to fall is logical but living a full life without regret is worth more. Take the steps that prepare you for flight instead of believing that you will fail. You are strong enough to sustain the crash and worthy of the sky. It’s all part of trying to fit in that box again–it’s time to recognize how small that expectation is a rise to a standard that is more fitting for all that you are. Be the one who walks past the box in search of the something more.

I’ll give you a glimpse of your future, it is not at all as you expected because God’s plan is always better than what we can make for ourselves. Dreaming big and thinking of the new impossibility to tackle are new past times and I wish I could pass that on to you. We get to the point where we are tackling our fears one by one and although it has been tough the satisfaction of seeing fear defeated gives us so much freedom. We have figured out how to find the strength in the joy and to not hide that love of people from others. Yes, it has hurt when friends fall away and people we invested so much in don’t stay in our lives but developing a capacity to love like Jesus did makes all the scars worth it. You are always worth it. See you in the mirror.

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