Toast to 2014

Cheers to the days that didn’t go as planned, to taking the scenic route and eating ice cream for dinner. Here’s to vibrant sunsets and cool mornings.
Here’s to laughing until something hurts and crying until the hurting stops.
Here’s to new friends that settle into my heart and old friends who make room.
Here’s to Sabbaths where I wake up in mid conversation with God and He reminds me that He is the peace that passes all understanding.
Here’s to good health.
Here’s to reading books that blow my mind and change how to view the world.
Here’s to missions and those mighty friends who stand unashamed in far off places.
Here’s to love and heartbreak that each teach important lessons.
Here’s to not knowing the answer.
Here’s to finally accepting that I am a leader and have the ability to influence others.
Here’s to a forever love of coffee.
Here’s to walking in faith.
Here’s to letting people in and sharing the parts that aren’t pretty.
Here’s to family time.
Here’s to giving up what I like to figure out what I love.
Here’s to good music.
Here’s to great concerts.
Here’s to prayers far past midnight when the weight of the world seems to be on my shoulders.
Here’s to writing again.
Here’s to acknowledging doubts but going forward anyway.
Here’s to seeing myself in a new light.
Here’s to long distance phone calls and time differences.
Here’s to a god daughter that makes my day by just breathing on the phone.
Here’s to all of the moving pieces of my life that never seem to make sense.
Here’s to not taking everything so seriously.
Here’s to making mistakes.
Here’s to knowing how much is in my bank account to the last cent and where that last cent is going.
Here’s to eating popcorn because Pinterest meals don’t always work.
Here’s to craving God’s Word.
Here’s to being honest.
Here’s to setting the world on fire with beautiful friends. #LTF
Here’s to being a little sentimental.
Here’s to the young adult ministry that continues to show me what loving others really looks like #FusionATL
Here’s to my best friend who had loved me for over a decade.
Here’s to a year I am grateful to have experienced.
Raise a glass to 2015.

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