2015 is well underway and my blog has been silent for most of it. I wish I could say I was thinking up content and writing away in secret but in actuality I felt like God was telling me to stop and listen. So I stopped and the ideas stopped and the burning desire in my heart to write slowed to a slow roar as I waited…and listened….and learned more about myself in a few weeks than I had in a long time. I had become accustomed to getting just the next step, just the next gulp of living water that kept me from dehydration but never full, to living on the edge and never knowing what the next hurdle would be. It wasn’t until I stopped that God revealed to me that that chapter of my life was over. He was doing a new thing and that would require a brand new skill set. I was filled to the brim with newness and joy. It wasn’t about writing or speaking or sharing but just being for a while and it was good. I am in the process of figuring out what to share now. To know what was just for me and what parts are to be shared. Give me time and I promise that good things are ahead.

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