Lights, Camera, Action: The Single Woman’s Blogging Challenge Day 21

How would you pitch a reality show about yourself? On what network?

Why is this question so hard?!?!? I think it’s because I have no desire whatsoever to be famous or have cameras following me around. How do I pitch a show to others that I don’t want….just know I am doing this under duress!

CARTOON NETWORK: How about an animated feature (is that even reality TV anymore?!?) where me and my motley crew go on wild adventures on our weekends?

WETV: Or a variation of the dating game where many are called but none are chosen? (Might be a little too close to home…)

ABC: What about an obstacle course with a huge maze like the Labyrinth where dead ends have puzzles or activities to make short cuts towards the center where a huge prize awaits? (Nothing to do with me but I would so do it!)

DISCOVERY CHANNEL: A show where I travel to exotic locales and get to hug the cutest and furriest of animals? (Yes please!)

VH1: Me in a room like the confessional on Real World and I blurt out all of the random thoughts that come in my head (Or nah…..some things are better left unsaid)

In truth I’m not a fan of reality shows. I stopped watching them a while ago because they weren’t bringing any joy in my life. When you find yourself upset with a person you don’t know about the decisions they are making in their life to the point of ranting all over your social media, you might have a problem…and that was me. I would get into long conversations with anyone who watched about these people–their lives were consuming my own! But I stopped all the Housewives and Hip Hop and Bad Girls and Bridezillas to give me my life back. So a reality show is far fetched to me….maybe YouTube?? The brainstorming continues….

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