The bell tolls 1….2…..as sleep slips and my pen demands
My mouth laps up songs, ideas, movement, and art
and it settles in my heart and deeper still
until birth begins

A never ending push to create and make again,
same thought, new pen
New turn of the prism and inspiration whispers

Responsibilities war for my affections with none wanting less than first
Time can’t dampen my pen but
my to do list pushes this drive into neutral
No time to pursue when bills are due.
Though late nights and cool breezes still ask for whispered half thoughts to

I drop to dreamless sleep
and dreamless wake, stalled by timelines and stop signs
Expectations don’t add up or satisfy like that moment after that tiny voice

And my pen wins again, pushing thoughts of failure
and old promises behind
No longer for you but I, I win
with words and all of me poured on pages
Exquisite and free

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