When it Looks Like Time is Running Out

I remember at the beginning of the year I prayed long and hard about what I wanted this year to look like. Some of the plans were mine but others were inspired by the Holy Spirit. They were so much bigger than me, so exciting, and brand new adventures for my life. Who was I to doubt when last year was full of so many fear conquering, life changing events?? A new year already contains so much promise and it felt like I would experience a year to top them all.


It is now July and not much has changed. I thought for sure things would be so different by now that my head would be swirling. A few of the promises have a deadline approaching in 3 months or less….so the thought crossed my mind of what to do when it looks like time is running out. Truthfully I thought to have a mini-pity party. Things aren’t going my way in life so I’ll just stop trying, stop doing all this stuff, stop caring, etc….. Yes a full temper tantrum with tears and whining included.

Once I was out of words and tears God reminded me of what I signed up for. I signed on for His timing, not mine. His ways, not my own. His plan for my life, not my plans. And that includes a lot of waiting. The whole of the Old Testament outside of the first few chapters of Genesis is about the wait for the Messiah and after Jesus ascends into Heaven we go back to waiting. You may have figured out by now that patience is not my default virtue. But that’s what He calls us to. He calls us to be professional patient wait-persons. So as I regain my composure I return to my position. My default position of surrendered to the Holy Spirit and waiting for His promises to be revealed in my life.

To the wait.


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