Paid- The Single Woman’s Blogging Challenge Day 25

Describe a moment when you “paid it forward.” What happened and how did it feel?

I will start by saying I could be thinking too hard about this. It’s not that I’m not familiar with the phrase “pay it forward” but more that I am not 100% what that really means. We say it all the time, it has almost become a catchphrase when something nice happens to you–that you will “pay it forward” next time but what does that look like? To just do something nice? For some cosmic checklist of do-goodery achieved? (Yes I made that word up) All of this to say that I have NO IDEA if I have ever paid it forward. I am not keeping track of the good things that happen to me nor am I tracking what I do for others….

I do have an idea of what I want someone who is on the receiver end of a good deed from me to know. I want them to know that I hope that my little gesture made their day brighter. I want them to know that someone in the world didn’t want anything from them in that moment but a smile. I do want them to think about doing the same for someone else! To pay for the person behind you, to let someone cut in front of them in traffic, or even just to hold the door open for a stranger. Just to know that a smile was given and not for the sake of do-goodery.

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