I Like Me- The Single Woman’s Blogging Challenge Day 27

Talk about something that you really, really, really love about yourself.

I went ahead and hyped myself up with this song–go check it out.

I’ll wait…….

Welcome back! I hope you are super hyped about yourself right now.  This prompt has come RIGHT ON TIME for me since I am doing a lot of self-reflection these last few days and have found a couple more things to like about myself. I want to focus on one thing in this post and that is that I love my creativity.

I did not always believe I was creative. I was the kid who dreamed big dreams but always thought that I would go the more rational route. I would write fanciful stories in my journals but never volunteer to help with a school production because I thought I wasn’t good enough. I would take dance classes but not tryout for the performances, sing in the choir but never audition for a lead,  and dream big dreams but never tell anyone my visions. Lately as I have been reflecting on my 20s I see that as much as I have tried to be brave I still held myself back but simply not sharing. Last year I started being part of creative projects and seeing a dream become a reality time after time has become addicting. I no longer let anyone, including myself, stop me from dreaming. And now those dreams are shared and ideas are being built up around me. When something pops into my head it shouts ‘I AM A GOOD IDEA’ and I grab onto it with both hands. My idea journal is bursting out at the seams with things that I share here and will be coming in the near future.

I can proudly say as I step into my 30s that I love this facet of me, this creative soul that works so well with my analytical brain. I am fighting back against my fears of failure and trying to live a ‘normal’ life and embrace my unconventional existence.


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