First Responders

Speaking on a role we sometimes miss as the church. Let’s really fill this gap in!


A first responder will be defined here as someone who is certified and trained to respond to a medical, or any, emergency typically before higher certified medical personnel get to the scene. I have friends that are EMTs, paramedics, and nurses and all of them are highly trained to respond to multiple types of emergencies. I’m so grateful for them. First responders are generally the first ones on the scene in a medical emergency and are trained and tasked to keep the patient alive and stable before turning them over to more specialized medical attention. Essentially, their job is to respond. And their responses save lives.

I see the church and it’s beloved and flawed believers as a type of first responders in spiritual emergencies. We have been tasked and trained as ministers of a new covenant (2 Corinthians 3:4-6) to engage the world with the gospel and make disciples…

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