I love to work. I know it may sound weird coming from a millennial or Gen X-er or whatever you would call my generation but I’m a fan of working hard for what you want. I don’t expect opportunities to come knocking on my door or to fall out of the sky–I believe that I have to work hard to achieve my dreams.

That is what I have been doing in the past months. I have a goal in mind and have been working hard to achieve it. I made a plan and felt God bless me within that plan. I was paying off debt, building my savings, and still found the energy to hustle toward my creative goals. It was tiring but felt worth it. I was making my own way in the world and getting ready to jump off of a cliff into new opportunities.

It was exhilarating.

But circumstances change and you can go from flying to falling in all of a second. Don’t worry-my dreams are still high in the air but I am slowed down for a moment. I find whenever I slow down I can hear God’s whisper in my ear of “Watch Me Work”….and the days seems brighter. The colors of the sunset seem more vivid and my days seems smoother. I love easier and my patience lasts longer than ever before.

I know that I am meant to fly. Slow down doesn’t mean stop or even that the direction  you were charging towards was wrong–just that you now have a front row seat to Watch God Work.

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