Bigger Than You

I brought in 2016 with a bang this year and served at Passion Conference 2016. If you aren’t familiar with it, Passion is a conference that came out of wanting to empower and reach college aged students for Christ. So many inspiring leaders have come to speak at these conferences and many lives have been changed. I didn’t know about it when I was in college but now being older and serving at the conference I got a brand new perspective.

Meeting the volunteers!

Passion Conference volunteers come from all over the country! I met people from Illinois, Florida, Tennessee and more. To see Christians come from all over just serve the younger generation made me want to cry. It made me realize that even though I love my local church and am very active serving there, the local church is just a piece of a much larger body of believers that I am part of. I was given a chance to serve His people in a much larger scale that weekend and felt like the special instruments that He trusted to be part of His plan (II Timothy 2:21). Seeing everyone who made themselves available by taking time off of work, travelling and getting hotels was truly humbling. I prayed that I would be worthy of His faith and affection of me. I am making myself more available to be His tool in less obvious times like at work and in my personal relationships.

Our awesome team of Door Holders from left to right: Sarah, Me, Candace, Mike, Jenny, Deborah, and Karen.

Once I got my assignment I found that 2 ladies from my church were also in the same section. Not only that but volunteers from my church were EVERYWHERE throughout he conference! It made me super thankful for the church I belong to where we are taught that serving is important. We learn about being disciples of Christ which basically means we don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk of Christ. I love that we have a high standard the encourages others to get outside of their selfish thoughts, even get outside of their own church, and serve where there is need. We met so many amazing people this weekend who hold that same standard and made friends that have lasted long after the conference ended.

The crowds at Infinite Energy Arena in Gwinnett County, GA

I don’t want to act like this wasn’t a lot of hard work because it was! Late nights, early mornings and lots of coffee went into making this conference a success but it happened. I worked harder and felt more fulfilled even in the menial tasks than I have felt in a long time. I realized that I was in a mental rut at work and in ministry that I would not take with me any further into the new year. 2016 has already been so different than 2015 in my mentality and how I chose to tackle each day. We didn’t get a lick of recognition and I’m sure no one I served remembers my name but I know that I was part of what may have brought someone to salvation. Angels rejoice when one person repents and that is more than enough (Luke 15:10)


All that said–I can’t wait for next year. For more information on Passion Conference 2017 please check out for all the details.



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