So pants my soul…

This exemplifies the ups and downs I have been feeling over the last fews months


As the deer pants for water,

so pants my soul for…

My soul pants. Tired, exhausted, emotional

Always emotional.

So pants my soul; it pants for restoration.

It pants for the not yet to become the already;

for both feet to be in eternity

It pants for freedom from flesh; for freedom from the adversary to freedom

It pants for truth; inwardly and outward.

It pants.

It so pants for justice; it pants for life

It pants for evil; It pants for treachery and adultery; It pants for rebellion and wickedness

It pants for salvation and incarceration; for redemption and chains;

Forgive it Father for it knows not what it pants for, and yet still it pants.

Against Your will,  Your green pastures and still water, Your streams and bread of life

It pants.

Out of breath, it pants; thirsty and tired, it pants.

Hope waning, vision blurred, hearing fading…

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