February: Wander

I’m always surprised in the change that can happen in a month. This year has brought a new tension that has required me to dig deeper than ever before. We can almost audibly hear creation groaning as the days pass and it tests your capacity for joy. As a Christian I am supposed to be fueled by it-the joy of the Lord is my strength-but I know I haven’t been working in that strength.

So my thought for this month is to truly lay down my burdens and trust in God’s timing. To be patient. To walk in faith. There have been too many times that I have dropped my sorrows but circled back to pick it back up. I have welcomed and felt comforted by the weight of known burdens in fear of the unknown path ahead of me. As I said last month I am risking it all this year so old habits much die hard deaths. I am forcing myself to try new things without falling back on my insecurities. And as I do, my heart is full of promise. That as we wander we are followed by goodness and mercy. On my path grace falls like rain. And I am reminded of joy.

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