Woo: No Chem

It’s the month where we talk about love ….which is weird ‘cause I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day all coupley and whatnot so I thought I would take this month to share some of my dating shenanigans from the past year. In 2016 I decided to take my struggle into my own hands and started a couple of dating profiles on some well known apps and threw myself to the wolves. While no one lasted long enough to make a real impression, I did come out fairly unscathed and with some fun stories.

One of the first guys I made a connection with had one of those profiles where all of the pictures were witty and interesting but didn’t give a good idea of what he looked like. I tend to lean towards different personalities so we hit it off texting pop culture references and what we were bingeing on Netflix. Eventually we decided to meet for coffee and once the date was set the panic set in. I had NO IDEA what he looked like while my profile had all of the required pictures my panel of friends told me I must have. The head shot so he knows what he’s getting into, the fun full body shot ‘cause I’m cute and stuff, the travel picture so he knows I am well rounded, and the interests shot of me out in the city so he knows I’m somewhat adventurous. Meanwhile he was out here with a funny meme and far shot of him on somebody’s mountain. But I agreed to meet because as previously mentioned I am somewhat adventurous.

Saturday came and I got there early to peep out the scene. I walked around the beautiful shops and tried to calm myself. It wasn’t the thought of meeting him that made me nervous but more that I was super rusty. Your girl has been single and dateless for most of her twenties…and my twenties are behind me. Once I am ready I go to the coffee shop and prep myself for this stranger. He shows up and…………..he’s not what I expected. There was no attraction for either of us. It was as if all of the report we worked on was gone. On the plus side I was well caffeinated and in the mood to salvage the situation. We found out that we both loved the comic books so I literally sat and fangirled over the MCU for an hour. Sure it wasn’t romantic but at least we both got out unscathed.

This is one of the problems I have with online dating-there is no algorithm for chemistry. You can’t test for good vibes before that first meeting. There was no love lost on either one of our sides by the end of the date; I could tell he wasn’t into me either. We finished our convo and went our separate ways. There were no calls or texts afterwards; there was nothing left to say. It was a case of No Chem. But at least I conquered my first date of the 21st century.

Yep, it had been that long



I hope you enjoyed my story-if so come back next week! I’ll drop my next post on Valentine’s Day with some fun ghost stories. I hope my shenanigans make you laugh this season ‘cause I’m having a ball. 

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