To the Women who Raised Me

To sisters and mothers of the church who taught me where to cross my legs and how to pray without ceasing. The ladies whose hats said that style comes in all forms and fashion. The Sunday school teachers and choir directors who wouldn’t let me hide in the background. Your obedience and sacrifice showed me the way.

To the mothers of my friends who never made me feel like an inconvenience. Who bought my favorite snacks along with their daughters and sons. The women who invited me to dinner and displayed constant hospitality. Your inclusiveness and care smoothed rough edges and ensured friendships that have lasted decades.
To my neighborhood tribe of moms. Grandmothers who didn’t stand on formality and would hand out whoopings to those related to her or not. To family meals with children of different last names but all accepted. Always welcomed, always loved, always family to this very day. You created a bond that is a forever link to us all.
To my mother’s friends who gave her rest from her brood. She leaned on you in ways I may never understand but I saw the love you shared and I’m grateful for my aunts who held my mother up.
To my aunt who shines from the inside. You were always there even from miles away! We never doubted your care or love for your neices and nephew. You raised amazing kids who have brought another generation to reflect that love back to you.
To my grandmother. You not being here hurts in new ways. Mourning changes as we grow but today I choose to remember your hugs. Those deep hugs that reminded me that my mom came from you. I cherish the photos and memories I have, even the mannerisms I’ve taken from you. In my cousins I see your memory live on.
To my queen. I don’t know how you did it. But I’m so thankful that you are my Mom. Words can’t even express how much I love you. I know Mikha and David feel the same. You have been our sun since the beginning. I pray that God can reveal to you even an nth of how you have impacted us. Happy Mother’s Day Mama.

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