September: Reset

I never mean to leave the blog and those who read it hanging. It is when I get cocky and start to believe I have any control when it comes to the twists and turns in my life. But the urge to write is still here and as long as these words pour out I will be here.

July was Revealed. I took my first international vacation and it took my travel bug to the next level.

August was Reflect. I moved for the second time this year making my current residence my third address in nine months. My nomad ways are starting to weigh on my soul and I wonder at God’s plan for me.

This month, my month and personal new year is Reset. I have so much I want to share and change and commit to be and that is what I will be sharing this month. I can’t commit to every day this month but I’ll be posting a lot.

My travels and their affect on me.

What living out of boxes is like again.

My 10 year anniversary in Atlanta and what that means to me.

Plans for this new year.

And whatever else is floating in my head.

Thank you for putting up with me. Enjoy my birthday presents to you!


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