Another Year: 32

I am one of those people who is weird about their birthday. I spent years pretending it didn’t happen, that it was just another day in September. I would acknowledge the milestone ages but if you were travel the timeline of my life you would see me actively avoiding anything like celebration of self.

Once I hit my 20s I tried to do the blow out birthdays and have a few more highlights there followed by years of me actively avoiding people from the 15th to the 25th. I can’t seem to catch a happy medium but I am attempting to be better. I had an awesome 30th, and understated 31, and I’m asking for something special for 32.

Many of you know about Clean Ears, a podcast I’m part of with my soul sisters Simone and Courtney. I talked a little about it here but check out the website for more of who we are and what we are bring to the table. We have blog posts, Spotify playlists, and videos! Some of you are subscribers and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. It is the support of that creative dream that prompted me to buy this domain. Even though it is still more journal than blog having my name on a small corner of the internet brings me so much joy.

Back to Clean Ears. We are in middle of our second year of podcasting and creating our own online community. We continue to pray over this platform and believe it is part of God’s purpose for our lives. With that I am asking my friends near and far to consider partnering with me. We are about to launch our Patreon page for our friends who want to be part of the family. It would be a monthly contribution towards the future of Clean Ears of as little $1 a month. If you want to give a one time gift for the birthday girl I would love that as well! All I’m asking for this year is for this personal new year be one of building a legacy. I love that I get to take those who read and subscribe to my blog on my journey and the podcast is another means of being part of that.

Thank you for being part of another year!


Photo cred: Tangie Renee Photography for Clean Ears Podcast

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