Something happens when writers get together. Hopefully it is a good thing like support and a collaboration between friends.

I have some amazing writer friends, Tawni Winns and Terasha Burrell, and we had an idea of talking about what #goals means to us outside of an overused hashtag.

#Goals has been posted under relationship statues, fashion posts, and anything else that could possibly inspire envy. It’s this social media age where the lives of others are just a few taps away. It is so easy to compare that we don’t even realize it is happening until this ball of discontentment knots in your chest. Suddenly your job is stifling, you don’t make enough for lavish vacations, you are a not so satisfied single or your spouse hasn’t been hitting the married life high notes, your diet is trash, your pet isn’t photogenic, and there is no angle that will make your house look bigger than it is.


I had to stop looking for someone else to take a picture of my dream and start accomplishing things on my on wish list. In the last years I’ve decided to slow down on social media and start becoming my own #goals. I’ve traveled and become addicted to passport stamps. I started my own business and owned my identity as a millennial creative. I got myself an expensive gift for my birthday and didn’t share it on Instagram. I found love….in myself (I love teasing you guys) and I’m diving deeper into my Word and pursing God in brand new ways. I am discovering new passions and creating a space for myself. Yes, there are still spaces I’m discontent. I have more issues than a little bit as you know when you read my blog. What I do have is peace in the process where I am submitted. And I can work on everything else.

Now when I see pictures of someone living their best life I don’t feel envy or even post #goals….I post #next.



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