It’s Our Anniversary Atlanta!

In 2007 I graduated from college. With four years of relative freedom and youthful shenanigans under my belt as well as no idea what I wanted to do with my life I took the long road trip home to Oakland, CA and moved into my father’s guest room. It felt like everyone I knew back home was moving on with life and I wasn’t sure what the next step was for me. I just knew I was ready to start!

With no plan I took a temp job at a call center where dreams got to die. Call centers are where you learn patience because people just yell and cuss but we aren’t allowed to hang up on them….fun times. It did give me time to ponder what I wanted to do next and even though I left school with lots of options I felt really unsure about what I wanted to do next while taking all of those calls. It wasn’t until I talked to a childhood friend did inspiration strike.

She was living in Atlanta at the time and told me that it could be my blank slate. Sure I didn’t know what I wanted to do at the moment but Atlanta was a place I could grow. So with that twenty something zeal I packed up my meager belongings and moved to Atlanta just 4 months after graduation.

Let me tell you, shenanigans ensued.

But so did opportunities, disappointments, relationships, changes, and ultimately growth. And 10 years later here I am. Atlanta is where I have become an adult. It is where I have my community of believers who hold me accountable and encourage me while I pursue purpose. Here is where I connected with the awesome team that make up Clean Ears and found something that truly utilizing all of my gifts and talents.

I don’t know what’s next. I’m not saying that I’m moving but I’m also team adventure and open to what is next for me. But for now Atlanta you have my heart and I’m thankful for the woman I have become here.


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