An Unknown You

I wrote a poem for you today.

You know, the kind that talks about love and loss.

Just the thought of you sparks my imagination

And words come through.

I never thought I was the sort for love letters

Longing penned and sent with a kiss

But speaking doesn’t permit,

Doesn’t express,

As my pen and heart can write.

Something about you sparks the Shakespeare in me

A play of destiny fulfilled

And happily ever afters.

So this is THAT place

Where waiting meets promise

And purpose is born.

Everyone’s story is different

But they all arrive at this sense of knowing,

A knowing that this unknown you is for me.

Not quite what I expected

But my desired qualities you have in abundance

And this sense of anticipation

This knowledge of an unknown you and the possibility

Of a love blessed before creation renders me speechless.

The known others all play the game as if I’m a piece, trick or treat, candy-covered flavor of the week;

Or no direction in a match of blind follow the leader;

Or mirages in desert dating with the appearance of it all bt no substance upon closer observation.

So I stopped and turned to He who knows me best,

Who wooed my soul so well.

My first love who reminds me that I am

To be a rib at his side rather than a step behind

To be honest and kind rather than try and read minds

To have more in common than a goal

But the Creator, eternal matchmaker, and lover of my soul.

With credentials like those how could I not follow His plan, waiting for an unknown you…

A hand to grasp, someone to hold onto.

Need and want, personified, by my side ‘til death arrives.

He says I am ready for you, dressed and veiled by the trials I’ve been through.

He draws you closer as He does to me,

Glimmers of a distant hope pulled into reality,

So close the heat warms, the heart softens, the soul yearns…

It aches to wait,

veiled and waiting,

prepared and waiting—

Knowing an unknown you.

Remembered and inspired while listening to this bomb playlist

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