Where head and heart meet at the cross


at this moment in time joy is hard to find. my heart is wrecked with political chaos, racial injustice, and personal trials. am i the only person who feels guilty to have found a day where my mind is at... Continue Reading →

September: Reset

I never mean to leave the blog and those who read it hanging. It is when I get cocky and start to believe I have any control when it comes to the twists and turns in my life. But the... Continue Reading →

My #TaketheMaskOffChallenge

This is one of those posts where I bare it all. I can't read it all the way through without crying and I have had several mini panic attacks about posting it...but here it is. I pray that it helps... Continue Reading →

Gospel Music And Fighting to Feel

I woke up this morning heavy because there was another shooting, another tragedy, another loss to be mourned. My friend named this emptiness well. Please read and share.


Today the verdict to the case regarding the killing of Philando Castile was handed down. Not Guilty. No surprise. And yesterday was the culmination of the #SBC17 drama, where a vote declined the passing of a resolution that resolved to denounce all alt-right and white supremacy groups. It was later found out that the reason for the motion not passing was due to uneasiness regarding the wording of the resolution, as well as some ignorance regarding what “alt-right” meant. Still, black and white evangelicals all over social media took to their keyboards and the firestorm ensued. I was angry at the SBC17 controversy. But after the news of Philando Castile, I felt nothing. Not because I didn’t actually have feelings about it. I remember the video. I remember the words Philando’s girlfriend spoke on the video before bursting into tears. I remember hearing their daughter in the background try to…

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Quarter Life Crisis: Day 1

Go. I woke up, in bed with my Mom, because on nights before a big change we all become children again. It was the day I had been dreading ever since cancer had crossed my doctor's lips. The first day... Continue Reading →

June: Moved

I wake up tired. I feel as though much of this year has been back to back warfare but that's what happens when God gives you the word 'Conquer' in January. Nothing is won outside of battle. Even the Promised... Continue Reading →

To the Women who Raised Me

To sisters and mothers of the church who taught me where to cross my legs and how to pray without ceasing. The ladies whose hats said that style comes in all forms and fashion. The Sunday school teachers and choir... Continue Reading →


I'm in between. I haven't written anything in months even though it has been an emotionally exhausting year. And I wanted to write but life tired me out before pen and page could meet. But something about today brings me... Continue Reading →

March: Middle Ground

The last few weeks have been rough. Something in me has been straining towards happiness but it hasn't come together. I have found that the enemy of my joy is not my highest highs or my lowest lows, it is... Continue Reading →

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Where head and heart meet at the cross

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Where head and heart meet at the cross

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Where head and heart meet at the cross

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Where head and heart meet at the cross

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Where head and heart meet at the cross

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Where head and heart meet at the cross


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Where head and heart meet at the cross

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