What’s Next?

Have you ever wondered what that moment after "Not my will but thine be done" looks like? What do the moments, hours, days, weeks and months after "Yes" feel like? I've stepped out in faith and I have no idea what next is. I don't doubt what I have done, there is no regret in... Continue Reading →

November Blues

It's funny to me that I have so much to say yet most often I'm silent. I see the number of half finished ideas that litter my drafts of this blog that I love but when I sit down to write, there is nothing to say. It's like I'm too busy to be myself. I... Continue Reading →


I am a deep-thinking commuter. My drive home is usually just long enough for me to mentally figure out what to have for dinner and what items on my ever expanding to-do list will actually get done that day. On a recent ride home I started to realize how many cars were on the side… via... Continue Reading →

whispered prayers

I don't know if it is a reflection of the change of the seasons or my nature but every dear God is coated in the tears I hold back daily. I pray even though it feels like I'm throwing my voice into the void. When the sun sets and I sit in my work in... Continue Reading →


Something happens when writers get together. Hopefully it is a good thing like support and a collaboration between friends. I have some amazing writer friends, Tawni Winns and Terasha Burrell, and we had an idea of talking about what #goals means to us outside of an overused hashtag. #Goals has been posted under relationship statues,... Continue Reading →


I'm up late again.... and on twitter. Tonight is thoughts in melancholy. I've tried to wrestle meaning from this world and am pinned between the dark and the hopeless place. There are wars and rumors of wars. Bums tweet from high places. Devastation is sent to my soul in 140 characters or less. I try... Continue Reading →

Another Year: 32

I am one of those people who is weird about their birthday. I spent years pretending it didn't happen, that it was just another day in September. I would acknowledge the milestone ages but if you were travel the timeline of my life you would see me actively avoiding anything like celebration of self. Once... Continue Reading →

once again

This year has been unexpectedly chaotic. I can look back and see how God has shaken me up to free me from any expectations of how my year was supposed to be. Then He moved me. Twice. Literally. I've had 3 addresses this year. But somewhere in the boxes and movers and shedding of excess... Continue Reading →

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